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Murano Candle holder

5"D x 3.5"H 
Amethyst candleholder

Price: $153.00

Boulevard Chair

Boulevard Chair
33.5"W x 36.5"D x 34.5"H
Upholstered in leather

Price: $2,600.00

Vintage Swedish Ebonized Tigerwood Chairs

Vintage Tigerwood Chairs
35"D x 37"H x 28"W 

Price: $6,960.00 each 


French Outdoor Lounge Chairs

4 Outdoor French Chairs
33"W x 42"H x 33"D

Price: $10,500.00 each

St. James Lounge Chair

St. James Chair
28.5"D x 26.5"W x 36.5"H 
Upholstered in leather

Price: $3,165.00

Bentley Bed

Upholstered bed in Arezzo leather in Sand frame
96"D x 61"W x 47"H

Price: $16,574.00

1930's French Bulldog

French Antique Children's Toy
18"D x 6"W x 14"H

Price: $4,500.00

Limoges Vase

Signed Limoges Vase
14"H x 6"W

Price: $1,380.00

Small Pyramid

Black & White Pyramid
4"W x 11"H

Price: $1,080.00

Tiffany Candlestick Holder

Tiffany candlestick holder
20.5"H x 6"W

Price: $3,112.00

Kuba Bowl

Kuba Bowl
20"W x 11"H

Price: $2,085.00

17th Century Brussels Tapestry Pillow

Flemish Tapestry Small Pillow
20"W x 13"H x 3"D

Price: $1,160.00

17th Century Tapestry Pillow

17th Century Tapestry Pillow 
22"W x 10"H x 3"D

Price: $1,090.00

1930's French Bulldog

French Antique Children's Toy
27"D x 15"H x 12"W

Price: $5,700.00

1930's French Bulldog

1930's French Antique Children's Growler Bulldog toy
18"D x 8"W x 11"H

Price: $4,500.

Hollywood Chairs

Vintage Fan Chair 
Circa: 1900's
36"H x 42.5"W x 34"D 

Price: $6,055.00

Jean Luce France Glass Tray

Mirrored glass tray by Jean Luce France, circa 1928
16.5"W x 11"D x 8"H

Price: $9,097.00

Buquet Desk Lamp

Buquet desk lamp
43"H x 6"W

Price: $5,709.00

4 piece Brioggiali Silver Tea/Chocalate set w/tray

Brioggiali Silver tea/chocolate set w/tray, handmade in Italy, circa 1955

Price: $18,000.00

Vintage Damian Garrido Sterling Silver Centerpiece Bowl

Handmade in Spain.
16.5"W x 11"D x 8"H

Price: $33,075.00

18th Century Columns w/20th Century arms and drops

18th century w/ 20th century arms and drops Candelabras
44"H x 14"W
Price: $5,152.50 each

Half-moon Tables

Half-moon black lacquer tables
39"W x 20"D x 33"H

Price: $3,175 each 

17th/18th Century Demi Lune Console

17th/18th Century Demi Lune Console 
30"H x 62"W x 28"D
Price: $24,000.00

Spanish Colonial Vestment Table

Craved wood, gesso, and polychrome 
64"W x 60"D x 36"H

Price: $28,500

18th Century Walnut Bargueno w/stand

Walnut with bone inlay and hand forged wrought iron. 
41.5"W x 19"D x 59"H
Price: $33,000

Grey Leather Tufted Ottoman

Grey Leather Tufted Ottoman
50"W x 31"D x 18"H

Price: $1,840.00

Adjustable Nickel Plated Architects Floor Lamp

Adjustable nickel plated architects floor lamp 
78"H x 14.5"W
Price: $4,630.00

Steel Sculpture

Untitled by Travis Constance 
11.5"W x 20"H x 28"D 

Price: $6,075

Custom Davenport Chairs

2 white patent leather and penthouse house fabric
35"D x 26"W x 29"H

Price: $10,220 each

2 Georgian Mahogany Chests

Set of 2 Georgian inlaid mahogany chests 
44"W x 21"D x 40"H 

Price: $11,625 each

Stiletto Side Tables

Black Lacewood
Silver Plated sabots
36"D x 27"H

Price: $6,630.00 each

Bolivian Sterling Silver Mirror

Sterling Silver Mirror from Bolivia
22" W x 31"H x 1"D

Price: $6,000.00

Arnoldi Painting

30"H x 28.5"W

Price: $19,200.00


Carved Table

Large carved mesquite table - trestle style
39"D x 82"W x 31"H

Price: $8,000

Steel Encaustic

Steel encaustic 93” x 2”x 1” “Patterns of Sight”, 2001

Price: $3,000


Antique English Bamboo Plant Stand

Bamboo and Bamboo Root
Circa: 1800 
33”H x 20”W x 17”D
Price: $1,837.50

Gold Columns

52.5”H x 6”W x 5”D 

Price: $4,202


X- console 
30"D x 96"W x 30"H 
Satin Nickel & wax finish

Price: $41,000

Small Celedon Nightstand

Small Celedon Nightstand 
26”W x 23”D x 28.5”H

Price: $4,500

Mesquite Wood Table

66" round dining table table, 25" Mesquite Wood, medium finish

Price: $16,460

Meceta Victoriana Talavera Bowl

10.5”H x 12.5”W 

Price: $4,500

Small Sabino Ranch Table

Small Sabino Ranch Table
38”L x 22.5”D x 27”H

Price: $4,800

Neon Sculpture

Neon steel and bowling ball by Steven Jones 
24"H x 9"W

Price: $590.00

Mesquite Dinning Chair

Mesquite Wood with outdoor finishing 
36"H x 21.5"W x 24"D

Price: $1,687.00

Mesquite Dinning Chair

Mesquite Chair 
33.5"H x 21.5"W x 25.5"D

Price: $1,597.00

Japanese Green Stipe Storage Jar

Japanese Green Stripe Jar 36" high Shigarski Kiln 
36"H x 18"W 
Price: $4,462

Peruvian Gold Polychrome Chair

Peruvian Chair 
Gold Polychrome 
47"H x 27"W x 24"D 

Price: $9,480

Antique Indian Trough

Antique Indian Round Stone Trough 
37"D x 9"H 

Price: $1,910


Spanish Colonial Chairs

Spanish Colonial Chairs
47"H x 27"W x 24"D
Quantity: 2

Price: $4500 each 

Leather Bookcase Tables

Leather Bookcase Tables
21"W x 16"D x 26"H 
Quantity: 2 

Price: $450 each

Large Greeen Pots

Large Green Pots
27"D x 24"H 
Quantity: 2 

Price: $150 each 

Stone Craved Pot

Stone Craved Pot 
22"D x 14"H 

Price: $600

Oval Filters

Stone Oval Filters 

Price: $720 each

2 Framed Artwork

29.5"H x 26"W x .5"D

Price: $881.00 each 


"Places in the Sun"

2 framed 23” x 27” 

Price: $504.00 each 



Large Ponnes
Quanity 2

Price: $21,000 set 

Cast Iron Trivet

Cast Iron Trivet 
20”W x 12.5”H x 1”D

Price: $870.00 

Crystal Obelisk

Large crystal obelisk
30"H x 7.5"W 

Price: $2,987.00


"Empowered" 2011 Mixed Media on panel.
24" x 36" x 2.5" 

Price: $4,500

Stone Filter

Stone Filter 

Price: $825

Las Palmas Side tables

Las Palmas Japanese Country Table
36"D x 26"H
Bleached Bone finish
Quantity: 2
Price: $6,672

Campaign Floor Lamp w/ White Shade

Red Line Campaign Floor Lamp Black w/ White Shade 66 inches high.

Price: $1,500

Baccarat Jallum Diamants

Jallum Diamants Biseaux set of 4 lights. Two different patterns. 

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier 

Price: $75,000

Oxblood Vases

12 oxblood vases in various shapes/sizes.

Glass Bowl

Clear glass bowl on pedestal

Price: $1,880.00

Heltzer Great Lakes Dining Table

Heltzer 72" Great Lakes Dining Table

J.W. Harris Sconces

J.W. Harris exclusive design sconces.

Zachary Sconces

Polished Nickel sconces with handmade crushed glass, marble or onyx diffuser. 

Price: $3,900 SET 

Leather Hollywood Bed

Queen Italian Metallic Silver Leather 

Price: $72,000